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Leader Profile

Hannie Knox

Leader Run Club

Nationality :British
Date Of Birth :1995/07/31
Height :163 cm
Weight :Not important

Fitness Background

I was always terrible at sports throughout school and even now will still drop any object thrown at me. Then in 2014, a friend challenged me to run a marathon and through training, I fell in love with long-distance running as an excuse to build excessively long playlists and escape the everyday.

Based off my previous experience with trapeze, my short (but successful) rowing career, and my current love of trail running I enjoy any sport that will push me to my limits in different ways and that doesn’t involve throwing or catching balls. Planking has a very special place in my heart.

Personal Profile

I love linguistics, reading fiction, and discovering new music. Any recommendations regarding these three subjects are always 100% welcomed. I have also been following a (mostly) vegan diet for about 2 years and am passionate about environmental conservation. You can recognize any post made by me as it will generally contain an excessive amount of exclamation marks. 

Favorite Quote

“It will be difficult, difficult, lemon difficult” In the Loop 2009



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