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Saturday Spartan Training

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Who Are We?

Tokyo’s biggest obstacle course race (OCR) community and an official training community of Spartan Race Japan

Why Join Us?

Whether you’re training for the next Spartan Race, you want to get fit and healthy, or you want to meet people that enjoy getting sweaty, dirty and doing burpees, our weekly workouts are a great way start the day off right.

What Do We Do?

Our workouts vary depending on how far out the next race is, the weather, the level of the group, etc. but they usually incorporate a mix of OCR training, HIIT workouts, running, and more. 

Example Workout Session

  • Group stretch
  • HIIT Circuit: 1 minute per station x 8 stations x 2 rounds
  • HIIT Run: 150 m run > 20 burpees & 20 situps > 150 m run > 20 chin-ups or inverted rows x 3 rounds
  • Team Relays: Variety of individual & partner runs
  • Burpee burnout: Run on the spot to “Thunderstruck” and do burpees whenever you hear the word Thunderstruck
  • Cooldown








Meeting Location

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Wednesday Spartan Training

Who Are We?

We are a group of fitness enthusiasts that love getting in a hard sweat first thing in the morning.

Why Join Us?

Looking for an intense 45 minute workout before you head to the office? This workout is for busy people that like to work a sweat before heading to work.

What Do We Do?

Like the Saturday workout, the workout program varies from week to week, but the core of the workout is the Push-Pull-X format. Due to the shorter workout time, this workout is more condensed than the Saturday workout.


Example Workout Session

  • Group stretch
  • Run: 500 meters
  • Line Crawls: Bear crawl, crab walk variations, donkey kick, inch-worms, etc.
  • Push-Pull-Jump: 15 minutes of 20 pull-ups/inverted rows > run > 20 push-ups > run > 20 jump squats
  • Burpees: x 30
  • Cooldown

Meeting Location

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Spartan Gallery

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