About Us

Who we are

Inside all of us is the strength to do more. To run a little further. To stretch a little deeper. To jump a little higher. At times, we all need a little nudge to move along. SOGO Fitness is a community of supporters that looks to bring out the strength inside you.

Welcome to our family; as a group, we are stronger together.


To empower communities to live healthier and happier lives


To connect people through fun, challenging, and social community events


  1. To cultivate future fitness leaders
  2. To spread a culture of optimism, enthusiasm and courage
  3. To support all members of our community in furthering their wellness initiatives.
  4. To act as a bridge between Japanese and international fitness enthusiasts across different communities and sports


  1. Success is measured in smiles, laughter and gratitude
  2. Community and friendship are built on shared experiences and values
  3. A balanced life requires physical, mental and social elements
  4. Our personal differences in language, culture, and thought can be overcome through our common passion for fitness.
  5. Keep it light, keep it fun


SOGO Fitness は誰でも無料で参加できるオープンフィットネスコミュニティーです。毎週、屋外ブートキャンプやグループランニング、キックボクシング、アクロヨガ等、健康的なライフスタイルに関わるイベントやワークアウトを開催しています。コミュニティーに参加を希望される方は、このFacebookグループに参加頂き、イベントの告知はグループ内でお知らせしています。