SOGO Bootcamp

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Who Are We?

We’re a group of fun-loving, exercise first-timers and enthusiasts from all over the world interested in sweating, laughing, and enjoying the great outdoors together.

Why Join Us?

Because whether you’re a seasoned athlete or self-proclaimed coach potato, we promise that you’ll leave Bootcamp smiling, more fit, and feeling better than when you got here.

What Do We Do?

We warm-up together, break up into three groups (Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced), workout for 45 minutes, then come back together for a group activity. It’s basically gym class for adults, with balloons, silly games, and lots of laughter.







一緒にウォームアップし、3つのグループ(初心者、中級、上級)に分かれ、45分のエクササイズをしてから、最後はまた一緒に集まり、グループでアクティビティをします。 簡単に言えば、大人のためのジムです。風船を使ったり、面白いゲームしたり、笑いが絶えないです。

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Bootcamp in Action

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Welcome to Bootcamp

What people are saying

SOGO boot camp challenges your body and mind with people alike you who strive to become a better version of themselves . It is beyond fitness and beyond community; it is your brand NEW lifestyle that you can’t go without every week.


みんな運動能力は様々だけど、SOGO Bootcampで”運動が好き”という共通したものを持つ人達と出会えました。ジムでは一人で黙々と動いていましたが、Bootcampに参加して、大勢の仲間とワークアウトをするとこんなに楽しいことを初めて知りました!SOGO Bootcampはもう生活の一部!大好きです!


I’ve never realized how strong I can be until I joined SOGO bootcamp. SOGO bootcamp challenges you physically and mentally. Sometimes you just want to quit but when you see your friends trying their hardest you need to push yourself. This is a great place to not just get into shape and challenge yourself but also workout with people who are greatly motivated to stay healthy.


Fitness doesn’t have to require a lot of money or gym equipment- all you need is park, your body, and your positive energy! I love the healthy SOGO Bootcamp community to share laughs and some sweat!

Maha Kikugawa, Co-Founder of SOGO Fitness



SOGOは単なるワークアウトグループではなく、各個人が自身の能力やメンタル面を磨くための場所を提供してくれます。メンバー国籍やバックグラウンドも様々で、みんな前向き!’At the heart of Tokyo’を私に与えてくれて、居心地のいい’Family’です!


Whether you’re new in town or a local, SOGO boot camp is a great way to meet people and make some friends. Fun, crazy, weird, wild, or shy, SOGO has it all and it blends better than any smoothie you’ve ever had. Don’t worry, whatever your “ness” is, it’ll fit (see what I did there?). Oh, and we work out pretty hard, no matter your fitness level SOGO has you covered. See you Sunday!

Kodi Shiflett

「ジムを登録したのに、一人で全然楽しくないよな〜」、「効率よく運動したいのに、どうすれば良いのかよく分からないんだよ!」なんて思っているそこのあなた、SOGO Fitnessに是非遊びに来てください。得意不得意とか関係なく、ワークアウトすることがライフスタイルになります。ダイエットしたい?シックスパックが欲しい?ははは、勇気を出して、是非遊びに来てください。


SOGO Bootcamp is a great way for people of all abilities to meet up and workout together. SOGO leaders break up into beginner, intermediate and advanced groups to ease in new joiners while still challenging those with more workout experience. The final group activities with everyone are always lots of fun and keep people motivated while exercising. Best of all, you can always count on SOGO Bootcamp to happen every Sunday.

Calvin Lo