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Weekly Lessons


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Our main sessions are at Studio Mission in Shibuya on Thursday evenings from 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm. Each week there is both a lesson for first-timers as well as a lesson for those who have mastered the basics so all are welcome to join at anytime.

Before the lesson, we always introduce ourselves and then split into 2 groups depending on experience level:

Level 1 Intro/Basic

For people completely new to AcroYoga. Slow paced with a focus on safety, flexibility, and balance.



Level 2 Beginner/Intermediate

For people who have some basic experience and are looking to improve.


Bird, Folded Leaf, Throne You will be coached on how to do everything safely so don’t worry! When it comes to AcroYoga, technique is much more important than strength.


毎週のセッション 毎週木曜日の19:30~22:30に渋谷スタジオミッションでレッソンを行います。超初心者も経験者も大歓迎です。 レッソンが始まる前に、簡単な自己紹介をして、経験によって2つのグループに別かれます:

レベル1 初回/基本



なし 。

レベル2 初級/中級



バード、ストラドルスローン、フォルデドリーフ 未経験者に丁寧に安全に指導するので安心してお越しく ださい。アクロヨガでは力より技のほうが大切です。基本からやしく学びます!

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Weekend Jams


We will also occasionally have free outdoor jams (open practice sessions) at Yoyogi Park on Saturday afternoons. These are not lessons, but free practice sessions. Feel free to use this page to find other people to practice with outside of the normal times as well.

毎月のジャム: 土曜日にジャムもあります。この日はレッスンではなく、無料な自主練習会です。また、時間外の練習希望があれば、ぜひこのページを使って相手を探してください。

Guest Workshops

We sometimes offer special guest workshops and related events. Keep a look out for them when they’re posted!

ゲストワークショップ: たまにワークショップや特別なイベントを提供します。詳しい情報をここで見てください。

AcroYoga in Action

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